Trucking & Paving Services in Northeast Florida

  • Free Estimates. We give free estimates from quantities provided to us and/or by measuring the project site ourselves.
  • Sitework. We provide all earthwork services such as grading, compaction, building pads, limerock base, curb, sidewalks and testing.
  • Paving.  We offer a large range of paving services from repairing and/or overlaying existing sites to constructing brand new parking lots and roadways.
  • Asphalt Manufacturer. If you only need the material (hot mix asphalt) we supply it, and truck it if necessary.
  • Milling. We mill up existing asphalt, hauling the old material away and cleaning up as we go.
  • Sealcoating. If your asphalt is still fairly new but has begun to crack and/or unravel, sealcoating may be an option for you. Sealcoating is a protective coating that helps to extend the life of your existing asphalt. Once water seeps through the cracks in the asphalt it becomes more susceptible to base erosion which can lead to unsightly pot holes and even more cracks.
  • Striping. The finishing touch to any new parking lot or roadway is the striping. 

We supply material, trucking and labor for all the above listed services.

We work hard to meet each customers different demands by providing as much or as little service as needed. Customers may already have the materials and just need the labor.

Whatever the situation calls for, we deliver. We work for you!!

Kudzue 3

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