BlackJack Asphalt

Welcome to BlackJack Asphalt, a pioneering division of Kudzue 3, specializing in superior quality asphalt production. We are your trusted partner in laying the foundations for a world that moves more efficiently and sustainably.

For years, Kudzue 3 has been synonymous with quality and integrity in the paving industry, and BlackJack Asphalt continues this tradition with an unwavering commitment to excellence. Operating from the heart of our business, this state-of-the-art asphalt plant has been specifically designed and equipped to produce high-grade, durable, and eco-friendly asphalt materials.

At BlackJack Asphalt, we leverage cutting-edge technology, advanced methods, and top-tier expertise to ensure consistent quality in all our products. Our asphalt is meticulously tested and perfected to withstand various weather conditions, wear and tear, offering exceptional longevity and resilience. Whether your project is a bustling highway, a neighborhood street, or a commercial parking lot, our premium asphalt mixtures are crafted to meet diverse needs and specifications.

In line with Kudzue 3’s steadfast dedication to sustainability, BlackJack Asphalt is committed to reducing environmental impact. We continually strive to optimize our production processes, employing energy-efficient machinery and recycling strategies to contribute to a greener tomorrow.

Let BlackJack Asphalt pave the way to your project’s success. Trust us to provide the highest quality asphalt solutions that ensure durability, aesthetic appeal, and overall functionality. Get in touch with us today for more information and let’s build better roads together.

Call us at (912) 576-2268.